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There are 36 total. The Redump Wiki page only lists 11 so it's clearly pretty incomplete itself :P someone can update it if they please. This list of games is confirmed by me cross-checking every single PS2 game on GameFAQs with Redump and then looking up missing games on eBay. There were 11 games on GameFAQs for which a USA release just simply doesn't exist, but I've confirmed all these games exist, so this should be the complete list of missing PS2 games. UPDATED AS OF 2017-11-02

We got them all! :)

There are also 33 or so games that only have Greatest Hits or other non-original versions dumped, but at least we have some version of that game so I haven't listed them as I don't think people care as much about those cases.

1. Some of these has already been removed since they are in my posession and will be submitted soon (others have been bought but are still in transit). But congrats on finding some releases that was never on the list to begin with!

2. List the games that you found to be "Non existing" It can be good for cross comparing and also to be added to the Wiki so no-one else goes on a hunt for them.

3. Do also list the missing versions! I agree not all care about them but "We" hunt for completion.

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Excellent, glad to know the PS2 USA list is coming closer to completion! These are the games GameFAQs lists in their USA list but are not really USA releases:

Aliens in the Attic
FIFA Soccer 13
Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties
Gene Troopers
In the Groove 2
Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans
M&M's Adventure
Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction
World Racing 2
Worms Blast
Yamaha Supercross

I hope I didn't miss one. It feels kind of like I did since I had been deleting them previously without listing them, then made the list later, but I think I went back over well so hopefully I didn't miss any. As for games without an original dump, they are: (UPDATED AS OF 2017-09-10)

ATV Offroad Fury 3 [SCUS 97405]
Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz [SCUS 97633]
Buzz! The Mega Quiz [SCUS 97601]
Disney/Pixar Cars [SLUS 21151]
Freekstyle [SLUS 20367]
Hitman: Blood Money [SLUS 21108]
Hitman: Contracts [SLUS 20882]
Jaws Unleashed [SLUS 21062]
KOF: Maximum Impact [SLUS 20923]
LEGO Batman: The Videogame [SLUS 21785]
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence [SLUS 21243]
NBA Street [SLUS 20187]
Nicktoons Unite! [SLUS 21284]
Over the Hedge [SLUS 21300]
Pac-Man World 3 [SLUS 21219]
Scarface: The World Is Yours [SLUS 21111]
Shadow the Hedgehog [SLUS 21261]
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon [SLUS 21845]
Shrek 2 [SLUS 20745] (claims to have an original dump, but only has a Greatest Hits serial number?)
Sonic Heroes [SLUS 20718]
Spy Hunter [SLUS 20056]
The Sims 2 [SLUS 21265]
Tony Hawk's Underground [SLUS 20731]
Toy Story 3 [SLUS 21931]
WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It [SLUS 20316]

- Some of these can probably be ignored, like Buzz! which aren't "original" version dumps because they are the "controller bundle" version dumps which are very rarely any different (actually I can't remember one that was ever different).

- Some of these come from limited editions, which occasionally contain additional content not found in the originals. I don't know if that's the case for any of the games mentioned here.

- Pac-Man World 3 is marked "original" but the serial number has P3 at the end which indicates it's part of the Pac-Man Power Pack. The Crash Bandicoot Action Pack shared this exact same behavior with serial numbers. The dumper probably bought a copy of Pac-Man World 3 that someone was selling separately even though it had originally come in the Power Pack, so it looked like an original release.

This list naturally excludes the 4 games which only have Greatest Hits releases:

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - Special Edition [SLUS 21361GH]
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix [SLUS 21355GH]
Namco Museum 50th Anniversary [SLUS 20273GH]
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution [SLUS 20616GH]

As well as the version of Silent Hill 2 sometimes referred to as "Director's Cut", which is really just a Greatest Hits release of the game that includes added content. So if you see these games and notice that we only have Greatest Hits releases dumped, that's why smile

NB: there are three editions of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence

Original, Limited Edition, Essential

with 2, 3, and 1 discs respectively. Database is missing Original for the first two discs.

The last one is easy to recognize, but as far as I can tell the first two have identical double-disc keepcases (the third disc is in a seperate case for LE.) The discs look the same as well, from pix online. No difference in SLUS codes. That red image you see associated with LE is the box.

Bottom line, there might not be any way to tell 100% between Original and LE unless you bought it new (which I didn't).

They're almost certainly identical but if you're going to go to the trouble of redumping both the subsistence discs again make sure you know the purchase history.

Also I noticed there is one other USA edition of MGS3 not in the database

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Premium Package)

Again almost certainly identical but worth redumping and documenting for completeness sake.

Yeah, many times I wish I had been into collecting PS2 games back when they were being released (I'm sure many of us do) because for some games it's pretty much only possible to know what version you're getting if you were to buy it brand new on a store shelf.

My list doesn't include non-original editions, so there are certainly many more missing GH/Limited/Premium/Ultimate/Catastrophic editions of PS2 USA games that Redump is missing. My apologies that I don't care to make a list as it would take combing through the entire database all over again tongue Maybe someone else can make a list for people who are into the limited editions. I was just sort of selfishly documenting the stuff we're missing that I'm personally interested in smile

I'm sure I speak for many when I say thank you for going to the trouble of checking all those!

I posted all that MGS3 info because I thought I could fill in the missing Original release until I researched it more closely so might as well put it up there for someone else to make use of.

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Here's a bit more missing Limited Edition info. I only searched my SLUS list for the word edition; I searched no SCUS numbers or games lists, so I'd imagine I'm leaving some out, but it's still a bit more.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
- We have the "Making of" DVD that comes with the Limited Edition, but the game dump is only marked Original.
- The Limited Edition has a different serial number, SLUS 21294 vs. SLUS 21032.
EDIT: Dumped in a verification post somewhere and matches the original version according to GreyFox.

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
- We have the Greatest Hits version, which mentions that the EXE serial is SLUS_212.95, which is the same as the Collector's Edition.
- The Collector's Edition does indeed have a different serial number, SLUS 21295 vs. SLUS 21208.
EDIT: Dumped in a verification post somewhere and matches the original version according to GreyFox.

The Sopranos: Road to Respect
- No mention of the Limited Edition is on the database.
- The Limited Edition has a different serial number, SLUS 21549 vs. SLUS 21388.

So, shrugface. It's something smile

Marc Ecko and THAW match "standard" version.

They are dumped a long with around 200 other games. But not added due to redumps slowness and general lack of interest in adding verifications (just browse the forum to see what I mean) Jackal have lately done an ok job on chewing of some off that backlog But stuff still remains that have been sitting there for ages.

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Oh, no need for me to browse the forum to know. I was given dumper status when I joined, submitted some dumps, then was asked to post verifications before I added any more dumps. Kind of confusing when the dumps end up sitting there for almost two full months now.

Sorry to complain, I still love the site and will still contribute, but sometimes I wonder what good it does. I only have... 291 more dumps to submit? I don't suppose I'll hurry to submit those.

Anyway, thanks for the info, I'll edit the post, and maybe someday check for more Limited Editions that may not be on Redump. Odd that American Wasteland matches original version rather than GH version, but I guess these are the mysteries of PS2 releases.

Probably a futile note to make but: if there's something I can do to get PS2 USA/JPN verifications on the site, please let me know. And I don't just mean mine, I'm willing to help get all PS2 USA/JPN verifications up. I know nothing of PAL but I know a lot about USA/JPN PS2 games, I'd say I'm as much an expert on those categories as anybody here on the website. I have an absurd amount of free time too so please let me know if I can help.

Egen wrote:

I have an absurd amount of free time too so please let me know if I can help.

Someone needs to grant this guy mod status STAT!

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Nice additions GreyFox! Looks like you pretty much targeted CD-ROM games. I'm looking forward to when at least one version of every PS2 USA game has been dumped. I'll have to stop buying so many NTSC-J games at some point and pick up some of the last remaining few.

MigaMan wrote:

Someone needs to grant this guy mod status STAT!

tongue Of course I'm kind of new here so I don't expect to be given any special privileges so early, but I'm always available to help with PS2 if the staff wants it.

Nothing targeted. They just arrived in that order.

Like I said there are no "missing" games since they have all been bought. Except for the handful you identified up there that was never on our miss list to begin with. They will be ordered next week.

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It looks like 6 of the 11 undumped games are fairly cheap:


If any US dumper is interested in getting and dumping these, let us know..

edit: These 3 are now incoming:

SLUS-20128  ESPN - MLS Extra Time - 083717200116
SLUS-20296  Kao the Kangaroo - Round 2 - 742725272224
SLUS-21094  Midway Arcade Treasures 3 - 031719269150

edit2, so I guess GreyFox removed dumps from the wiki that weren't actually dumped.. re-added them.

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Getting closer and closer to a complete set now, with the help of Starshadow.

Updated wiki: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Dumps

Still some expensive ones missing. We're also on the hunt for missing versions. A notable example that I just found out about is GTA San Andreas 2.0*. Most likely it's this disc (the label shows 'Second Edition'). It's fairly cheap on eBay.


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Wow, this thread. Forgot all about this. I updated things that we've done in the past year and a half. Thanks to everyone that contributes to this project!

As for me, I've gone and ordered one of the two completely missing games, Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam [SLUS 20821]. I'll be doing a full set of scans as well, since this one's expensive and I'm planning to sell it back immediately after I'm done with it. I can post the scans in the forum somewhere. I think that would help to verify that I'm not just downloading an ISO from somewhere (can you even download this ISO? lol ) and then faking some tech data.

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I guess you were lurking on IRC and saw my outcry tongue

Nice to hear that you bought 1 of the 2 missing PS2 USA titles (there's still some missing versions also, a couple of them should be on the way): http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Dumps

The other remaining title, Dance Dance Revolution X2, sold last month for only 15 usd: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dance-Dance-Rev … 2473901893
There are still some more expensive copies listed though on eBay. But if there was any real interest left here in completing the set, it would've been dumped years ago.
The same can be said about other USA sets like Saturn, Dreamcast, Sega CD and Xbox. Many missing dumps and almost no dumping activity in the recent years. We could definitely use some fresh blood in this place.

There's a new listing for 5 USD at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dance-Dance-Rev … SwulBZkhzp to buy Dance Dance Revolution X2.
If no one buy this one, I'll try to buy one in my region but the prices here are around 50 USD.

IRC? Nope, I just got back into this again. I never use programs like IRC haha XD just funny timing.

Yeah, I'll buy DDR X2, but I've never heard of a $15 USD copy. They typically sell for $60 or more. Ah, but looking at that link, that was disc only. I'm actually interested in owning DDR X2 (it will complete my DDR collection), so I'd like a complete copy. That will cost me a fair chunk of change, but I'll get it eventually, and the USA set will finally at least have every individual game.

Schrodinger, I'll keep an eye out on that auction, thanks. I doubt it will go for anything remotely near that price (and also it's $20 shipping where I live), but if I can get it for a good price I'll jump on it.

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Could you update the first post and remove any titles that are already dumped? tongue I guess you should end up with those 2 missing.

Someone should check gamefaqs for any serials that aren't in the db. There are prolly some variants still that are undumped. For instance, I bought Transformers: Director Cut (SLES-53309) today that is undumped and wasn't listed in the wiki.

20 (edited by user7 2017-09-10 12:26:37)

Jackal wrote:

Transformers: Director Cut (SLES-53309) today that is undumped and wasn't listed in the wiki.

PAL and Japan lists were built from sonyindex.com (woefully incomplete for PS2!), really the miss lists need to be rebuilt from the PCSX2 wiki list https://wiki.pcsx2.net/Complete_List_of_Games
The redump.org PAL/Japan lists are still missing demos!

Plenty of undumped PS2 USA demos though! I'm picking these up bit by bit, but have been focusing more on PSX Europe demos lately (have about 4 dozen coming in soon).

All my posts and submission data are released into Public Domain / CC0.

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I wasn't able to win that DDR X2 auction (went for over $60 after shipping) and another copy has popped up for another $60, so if anyone's in a hurry to have the game dumped, go for it tongue I am planning to buy the game one day, but not for that price. I'm going to try getting lucky, as the game is fairly low priority for me at the moment.

btw, Jackal, I don't understand some of the notes on the wiki.

SCUS-97104  ATV Offroad Fury - v2.0*? (PDSS-000146A1   3)
SLUS-20729  ESPN College Hoops - v1.03?
SLUS-20923  KOF: Maximum Impact - v1.00?
SLUS-20214  State of Emergency - v1.00?
SLUS-20977  Virtua Quest - v1.00?

Is there a reason to believe any of these versions exist?

SLUS-20421  Battlestar Galactica - v1.00
SLUS-20298  High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 - v1.03
SLUS-20242  Legends of Wrestling - v1.00
SLUS-21029  Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition - v2.00
SLUS-20140  NHL Hitz 20-02 - 031719268344 - Version 1.01

These don't have question marks. Are these confirmed somehow?

SLUS-20946  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PDSS-015486 = v2.0*?
This was apparently bought and dumped as 3.00? http://redump.org/disc/6377/

SLUS-21412  World Championship Poker featuring Howard Lederer: All In (SLUS 21412F PDSS-024905 *BOUGHT*)
This has a dump by you and someone else, remove it from the wiki? http://redump.org/disc/19352/

22 (edited by Jackal 2017-09-11 06:00:11)

I dumped one of the Poker versions, which matched the DB. GFatha still has another disc w/different serial incoming.

The missing versions listed there are either confirmed by third party images, or educated guesses by looking at a combination of ringcode, version number and/or different versions in PAL region. Please keep them listed until they are dumped/debunked.

I'm not going to edit the wiki, but some of those seem really pointless. There's a colossal amount of games that only have v1.01, v1.02, v1.03 etc so the guesses as to some games having a v1.00 seem really random. Ringcodes are also way more often pointless than they are an actual indication of anything. The vast majority of games with different ringcode numbers don't actually end up having different versions.

I've also looked at the data of all the games with versions higher than 1.xx that don't have a v1.xx and the only one that blatantly stood out to me as having a 1.xx is NHL Hitz 20-02 because that game's EXE date matches it's release date. It would have to have been pretty fresh out of the factory for that to be possible wink Outside of that, I saw no reason to suspect anything, but I'm not going to change the wiki if you like having those notations up there. They don't hurt anything. I was just trying to understand them.

One thing I am interested in though: the Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition v2.00. Guessing a v1.xx is one thing, but guessing at a v2.xx is another entirely. Are you thinking Greatest Hits or something? Or maybe you downloaded one from the internet once? That's how I knew there was a v1.xx for Bloody Roar 3 Japan.

Most of these titles have different version images floating on the net, so we're not just making these up. I recently dumped Test Drive + Pimp My Ride alternate versions that were also in the list. Good luck hunting for the rest.

Hmm, interesting info. Yes, it would be a lot of work (and money!) to hunt for more alternate versions. I'll be happy enough if we can at least have some version of every game.

Gundam arrived today, so I'll do the dump and scans, and then submit it as well as other NTSC-J stuff I've been too lazy to add, probably tomorrow. Then all that will be left is DDR X2, which... is a real pain.