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Hi.  I recently purchased an X360usb Pro v2 to connect my 360 DVD-ROM drive to my computer and rip my XDG3 games.  I've previously ripped my XDG2 games with a kreon-flashed drive and, after some guidance by Enker, figured out what I needed to do to post the appropriate details for undumped games here.

As far as I can tell the process for XDG3 games with the new drive is the same (aside from the SSv2 vs. SSv1 stuff), but I tested this out on Binary Domain and have an issue with the SS CRC.  According to the already-posted copy, the SSv2 CRC is 14BDB677.  However, I get the following:

original (pre-ss_sector_range): be6db3b4
post-pre-ss_sector_range: BE6DB3B4
abgx360 SS CRC = 662C7293 (RawSS = BE6DB3B4

None of those match the version in the database.  When running abgx360 against SS.bin, though, I get this:

     SS Version: 1
     CT RT CID Tol Mod Typ Data          CD       Response   Angle Deviation
     -- -- --  --  --  --  ------------- -------- ---------- ----- ------------
     15    C5  00      00                0DE8B4F6 BBAFDE04
        Failed to find a drive entry for Challenge ID C5
     14    04  00      00                395D6B74 E06ED777
        Failed to find a drive entry for Challenge ID 04

Those "failed to find a drive entry" errors pop up after every line.  It also says SS Version: 1 - I'm not sure if that's significant or not.  I'm obviously missing a step, but I'm not sure what.  Everything else matches perfectly; it's only the SS that fails to match.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Just for some extra info, in order to rip games with my drive via the X360usb Pro v2 device, I first had to use a probe to extract the security key of the drive.  After doing that, I was then able to properly see the drive and extract the ISO with Xbox Backup Creator.  Don't know if that's relevant, sharing just in case.

id: http://redump.org/disc/38983/

If i am not mistaken only 0800 drives can extract SSv2 bin.

PX-760A (+30), PX-W4824TA (+98), GSA-H42L (+667), GDR-8164B (+102), SH-D162D (+6), SOHD-167T (+12)

That's my understanding as well.  This is the LiteOn DG-16D2S out of my Xbox 360, which is an 0800 drive.  As mentioned, I've connected via the X360usb Pro v2 device, which, to the best of my understanding, is supposed to allow me to read/rip/dump any game I'd like without requiring a special firmware to be flashed on the drive.  Currently, it's still running the stock firmware.  Am I mistaken?

When attempting to rip XDG3 games with my kreon drive, Xbox Backup Creator explicitly told me that those games could not be ripped.  After connecting the current DG-16D2S drive, it still wouldn't read the discs until after I extracted the security key.  Since then, everything appears to behave as expected, so I feel like the drive is compatible and I'm doing the ripping correctly, just that I'm missing something in the post-processing.

I'll try ripping another game in the database and see if I have the same issue.  Probably won't have a chance to do that until tomorrow, though.  In the meantime, I'm very open to any suggestions or feedback.


Well crud.  While doing some research on this I found this in the Xbox Backup Creator readme:

        Drive                           SS   XGD3    AP25     DRT
        Liteon DG-16D2S                 1       2       Y       N
        1 = The OEM SS is not fully compliant with iXtreme, use abgx to fix
        2 = Firmware must be XGD3 flashed (post 13141)

So, my particular drive, in addition to being a hassle to extract the key from, is also apparently incapable of support SSv2 in OEM mode, which is what XBC calls the drive without a true 0800 firmware connected through the x360usb.  So, I figured out how to flash 0800 and have it directly connected to a SATA port on my computer now.  Did a fresh SS extract and now it's giving me v2 and matches what's in the redump database.

So, awesome, but bleh.  A large part of the reason I bought the x360usb device was to not have to flash different firmware on the drive for ripping.  Oh well.

Pretty late now, so I'll start posting my rips tomorrow.

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I had this exact same problem. Not only did SS on 360 games output an empty SS table, but also on original Xbox. That isn't correctly reflected in the Xbox Backup Creator readme. In both cases you need 0800 v3 (not just any 0800).

Only once I flashed my 16D2S with 0800 v3 (on the other side of the X360USB) did it work as expected. At least now we both have drives that can dump the whole Xbox/Xbox360 lineage correctly!

What's kind of frustrating is that this obviates the need for the X360USB, if you have SATA ports available. You can just use a CK3 Lite. You could even use multiple at the same time...