When you lost the site and finally got it back on a new server from a backup, was any amount of time lost, ie, were any of the games I may have ticked say in the last day or two redump.org was up, might they need re-ticking, I was just looking at some of the Dreamcast games, which was what I was doing, I think, when the site went down, and it looks like some I may have (ticked) now are saying I don't have them, I can't check as I don't have my Dreamcast drive at my house.

Any thoughts, ie how many days were lost from the day it went down, to the backup you used to restore.

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Nine days probably, not entirely sure.

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Last November 17, the server HDD failed and our hoster apparently provided zero effort in recovering any data. Daily backups were still on the same HDD, so the last backup that was in possession of the admins was from November 3.

17-3=14 days