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I have been comparing the Saturn database with that of Satakore.
results attached as a handy XLS which you can filter to find a list of undumped discs (along with serial numbers).

I've already ordered a few of the missing PAL ones, have got a PATA Pleaxtor PX-W4824TA which i think should be fine for dumping them. Can someone just give me the syntax for dumping Saturn games with DIC ?  i have a couple here I can compare to the DAT to make sure i'm doing it right until they arrive.



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http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … Games_List
http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … Games_List

These should be more or less accurate. As for the Japanese lists, I have the proper miss/need_to_buy lists, but those need to be fixed, because one of our main Saturn-J dumpers decided to stop the dumping and hoard everything he bought, so, all the missing titles purchased by him should be returned into those lists again.

As for the DIC, dunno, "cd" reading mode and "/c2" parameter to enable the errors handling. I don't remember any special commands/parameters there. Though, it's better to confirm the dumps with the old PerfectRip tool and report any DIC/PerfectRip mismatches.

Yeah i noticed the lists mostly matched.

Mastered DIC and perfectrip the other day (made sure i had it down by matching a few saturn and Neo Geo CD already in the database)

Should have a good few of the euro missings sorted when I get home this weekend.

Main purpose of checking was to get a handle of the Jap missings as the wiki entry for that region was empty.

I have a almost complete European set including some variants...
I used to dump to the redump DB in the old IB+EAC method but since the dumping methods changed i can´t dump anymore because i don't have a fancy drive...
But, i've been gathering dumping information about hundreds of duplicates before selling them (Serials, hashes in the old IB+EAC method, ringcoes, barcodes...) and, like in the old days, the info matched the DB except the ones that have scrambled sectors... maybe this info will be handy someday...

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