I have about 55 of these discs to submit in the next day or two.

How would you like me to go about it, shall I do a forum post with all the info, then once you have checked it over, I could then use the new disc feature.

Or is their no need for the forum post.

My only concern is that it so many dumps, and could have the odd error in, that's only human, I'm hoping their wont be errors but you never know.

The other thing is I'll tell you now, their is 55 new dumps to add, but I have already dumped duplicate discs for about half of them, some have even been dumped from three discs. So for some dumps their are 2 different ss.bin or dmi.bin, and up to 3 rings to read.

I just hope that you realise some have been dumped from multiple discs, and these should go green straight away, others I only have one disc of each, and I will just do a verification dump from the one disc, so some discs will be dumped twice, and other dumps will/have been dumped from several discs.

All said and done, let me know smile

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