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Using organic's the output for the DOL MD5 is : '0x0000000078013200D8FE120068493200'


I'm sorry I am trying to figure out the version # going by organics sayings it should be version 1.0 as he sais it's written at offset +7 which is a zero for version 1.0

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chungy wrote:

On the physical media, look on the bottom of the disc, and there is print in the small inner ring. My Animal Crossing disc says "DOL-GAFE-0-00 JPN"
System-GameSerial-MajorRevision-MinorRevision (Primary)Region

In official Nintendo terms, my disc is "revision 00". In unofficial dumping/piracy circles, it would be "v1.0". the "JPN" is actually ambiguous; multi-region discs (such as my Animal Crossing) say only JPN.

Doing that it's version 1.0

Three years and still going strong.