I have some PC games that were distributed by Australian publishers (Red Ant even prints price on title covers in $AUD). I've looked at 'new disc' feature on the site. There is a language option but no regional option for Australian discs. What region should I put in disc info? Europe? USA? None? I even remember Quake 2 required a region/language to be set for English (Australia) otherwise it could not install.

Some of my PS2 games that I previously posted were manufactured in Australia, but all of them match existing European dumps. I don't see any problems for PS2 games but I'm not sure about PC.

Usually (but not always) Australian and European console games match because both regions uses PAL format for TV transmission.

For PC games is different because there's no NTSC/PAL distinction, so an Australian PC game can match either release (or none).

Would there be an Australian region in the database as part of European region (like Russian, it goes like the separate region, but counts as Europe in total statistics). Or should I post them as European but with Australian English language? What do you think?

I'd post them as Australian releases.

I cannot post info about Australian PC CDs because there is no such region to select in the submission form. Only language. So I thought maybe there is alternative way to post. But if there is not, then I'll just have to wait when there will be one.

P.S. Sorry for my English.