Hello. I've only found your place here on the net very recently, but I have to say I'm very impressed. I've recently began backing up my Disc-based game collection and while I'm hesitant to upload anything, I'd be more than glad to share checksum data with you all, or other things of that nature, if only to help confirm that I myself am getting good dumps of my games.

This request is based on the fact that on your site, the information (specifically the md5 checksum) for PS2 title 'Mister Mosquito' (slus 20375) does not match my own, despite my disc being near flawless and having multiple dumps with the same md5 checksum of '54B7EAC0B77ABC7A335661048F4260F4' while your site reads '44A63CECB00D051C2A30B50AA314010A' as correct. I realize that your info on this title has yet to be confirmed by a second source, so I would like to have an account to bring such things to your attention as I find them.

Thank you for your time.