I'm going to be adding some to the database soon, so how do we want them named? Various sources refer to the magazine and disc in various ways:

On the disc itself in /PS3_GAME/PKGDIR/PARAM.SFO
Generic title: OPSM BD 2012 / 05 (Disc 70 / May 2012)

The on disc logo used in XMB

On the disc label
Official PlayStation Magazine Issue 70 (actual it's all in caps)

On the slip cover
PlayStation Official Magazine - UK (no reference to number)

Typically I think the magazine is referred to as OPM (because OPSM is the official ps1 magazine).

My naming preference would be including the word Issue, the disc number and the date (done in the same style as xbox and 360 demos). So, this:
"Official PlayStation Magazine Issue 70: May 2012"
Or if we want coverdiscs to have similar naming across systems:
"Official PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc 70: May 2012"

If no one responds or a decision hasn't been made by the time I come to add them, I'll do it as "Official PlayStation Magazine Issue 70: May 2012", using whatever word they use for the xmas edition (if there is one).

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