Today I dumped some XBox games and want to submit them to the database.
The only information I'm missing right now is the language/s of the games. How and where can I check them?

By running them on the console and checking in the "Options" menus.   hmm

Well, I wouldn't ask if my optical drive didn't die today... The only way I can play games is via FTP and HDD.
Any other way to find out about the language/s ?

sorry, but NO, the only 100% secure way is to run it on your console

rosewood wrote:

The only way I can play games is via FTP and HDD

that will do that also!

PX-760A (+30), PX-W4824TA (+98), GSA-H42L (+667), GDR-8164B (+102), SH-D162D (+6), SOHD-167T (+12)

One more question, in the dashboard I only have a couple of languages (En, Jp, De, Fr, Es, It, Kr, Ch, Pt).
What about the other languages like dutch or nordics, where do I select them?

TSST means Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology, a joint venture between Samsung and Toshiba for developing and manufacturing optical drives.

And TS-H352C=SH-D162C, TS-H352D=SH-D162D, TS-H353A=SH-D163A, TS-H353B=SH-D163B. As far as I remember, TS-Hxxxx means OEM drive, sold by HP, Dell...whereas SH-xxxxx means retail.

On semi-vacation. MSF/AMSF to LBA/offset and viceversa calculator: link
To write properly occidental characters contained in japanese titles: screenshot
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Yes, these drives can dump GD-ROM discs, but I haven't had very good results with my drive. Most of my discs won't dump because of very minor scratches, which makes me think it's not the best for these discs, but it does dump Xbox/360 discs, which is mainly what I wanted.

The SH and TS drives use the same Kreon firmware, but each letter revision of the drives uses a different Kreon firmware. When flashing the TS drives you have to run the command  "sfdnwin.exe -nocheck" and then select the Kreon firmware, you have to do this because the flasher only wants to flash SH drives by default.

pablogm123 is correct that the TS-Hxxxx are OEM drives, mine is a Dell. So you could also search for HP or Dell to find the TS drives. The TS drives are usually cheaper, mine was $13 new. Just make sure you don't get the C version of the SH-D163/TS-H353, it's not Kreon compatible.

Have the dumping methods been changed? My xbox dumps are yellow flagged now. Can anyone explain? … artitions/

Can somebody confirm, that this method with the new FreeCell tool is right now the correct method to dump Games. Just want to get sure.

I have some Games, which I can confirm to change them into green status

Doesnt work for Xbox360 so far, But Xbox should be fine.

thx usurper.

Enker: Wait for the fixed version of freecell before dumping any games. No dumps are being set to green status as of now.

From so far I have read, xbox (1) should be okay now. If it is okay, I will have two xbox(1) Discs to confirm.