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I found a little issue in the recent datfile: IBM - PC compatible (20110702 01-54-31):

    <game name="Code of Honor 2 - ?a?cuch krytyczny (Poland)">
        <description>Code of Honor 2 - ?a?cuch krytyczny (Poland)</description>
        <rom name="Code of Honor 2 - ?a?cuch krytyczny (Poland).iso" size="2448916480" crc="91fbb7bf" md5="01b94d2ddf003f3df360949f45eeb4db" sha1="00d0afd2743dde3d3406a35bcf68dfb7c17af5ce"/>

It miss all the polish letters and clrmame rebuild it to : Code of Honor 2 - -a-cuch krytyczny (Poland)

It should be: Code of Honor 2: Łańcuch krytyczny. http://redump.org/disc/19911/  (take a look at attached photo)

If clrmame doesn't handle polish letters then maybe the better is to change that (in datfile) to : Code of Honor 2: Lancuch krytyczny (It's not correct but I think it's always better than Code of Honor 2: ?a?cuch krytyczny).

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Dat updated, it should be correct now ^^ not sure if it worked now because an admin changed something in the background, or because I forgot to update the dat earlier tongue