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Dreamcast HIT-0400 Jap Broadband tutorial dumping:

Firstly you need a modem HIT-0400 Jap (C is the fastest way is the easiest to use)
to download: Dream Passport Broadband
an action replay to boot import games and if the dreamcast usa or pal!
and an RJ45 crossover cable (if it does not work lol)
Especially not chip and a battery recharged (leave it connected 3 hours recharge its dreamcast drums)

Download ISO's and burn them with alcohol or discjugler:

[urlhttp://dumpcast.thekickback.com/httpd-ack-20070511.zip[/url (this is hard to interact with it via a web browser dreamcast)

if not configure it to do a remnant of the internal memory (for this contact me I will pass the iso)

follow to the letter the configuration of my pictures:


Do not forget to confirm the recording of data in the internal memory (last dreamcast picture)
Faith and the dreamcast browser configured Bracher meter RJ45 cable software etched into the dreamcast and alum!
Then open the Navagantes with this address:
click on each track to unload in order for it disc.gdi click on the equivalent of a *. cue for gdi and Save it as follows with a *. txt editor: Disc.gdi


1 0 4 2352 track01.bin -8
2 775 0 2352 0 track02.raw
April 2352 3 45 000 -8 track03.bin

record all details of the page txt: Disc.txt


Listing of cdrom
Media ID ACD4
Media Config GD-ROM1 / 2
J regions
Peripheral String 0799A10
Product Number HDR-0119
Version V1.003
Release Date 20000827
Track Start End Sector Sector Track Size
track01.bin 150 774 1470 000
track02.raw 925 2484 3669 120
track03.bin 45,150 549,299 1,185,760,800
Misc Info
dc_bios.bin Dreamcast BIOS (0x00000000 - 0x001FFFFF)
dc_flash.bin Flash Dreamcast (0x00200000 - 0x0021FFFF)
syscalls.bin Dreamcast syscall (0x8C000000 - 0x8C007FFF)
disc.gdi NullDC gdi file
httpd-ack v20070511 server

To certify the image it is mandatory to dump two discs with two different dreamcast broadband modem and 2 different different

25min max per count or twice the dump if you confirm big_smile

Thank you very much and sorry for my english (too bad)

For audio Track use a redump tutorial sorry

as said before, we don't use httpd-ack

Jackal wrote:

as said before, we don't use httpd-ack

Yes, but work perfectly to data tracks and it's good for test md5 crc and others !

It works only on discs with 3 tracks. Anything with more tracks will be messed up because of the offset correction, or its lack, thereof.

This thread might confuse a lot of people. As Jackal said we don't support it and a Rimmer said it's valid only on 3 tracks discs and only for hd track.

Another solution could be the SD adapter and tools to dump HD area.
If someone wants to try something, here are a pair of links
http://f17.aaa.livedoor.jp/~takotako/dc … php#sdcard ---> How to and tools (Japanese)
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=7818275499 ---> Chinese seller for a ready to use adapter
Tolls can dump full disc as I understand so if it dumps it raw I think it could be parsed by ICE.

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