Hello all =o)

Noob here, absolutely LOVE this resource, tyvm for it, as I'm quite the perfectionist =o)  I have used a variety of different programs to make backups of my PSX and PS2 discs over the years, assuming that "no errors occurred" meant it was 1:1.  It seems this was quite ignorant of me, as only about 50% of my PSX rips are verified by the database.  Almost all PS2 rips are verified though, but I know I used DVDDecrypter for all of them, so that's probably why.  Anyhoo, on to my main query; now that I have discovered this wonderful resource, I have gone back to check all my iso's, tagging those that match with [!], and re-ripping those that don't, but one big hurdle I've reached is the many Data+Audio PSX games.  I have tried the whole disc dump with ISOBuster, CloneCD, Alcohol 52% etc, but as the database lists the tracks individually, I tried seperate bin files of each track with ISOBuster, also tried extracting them as wavs, but nothing I do gives me matching md5, sha1 & crc32 checksums.  So is there any 'proper' method for matching my Data+Audio PSX discs to the checksums listed in the database?  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, and I apologise if this has been discussed, but I searched and couldn't find an answer.  I tried all these things mentioned with about 6 discs, figuring surely at least 1 of them would match, so I'm pretty sure it's my method that is wrong, not the discs.

Cheers in advance =o)

use EAC for audio