we mean to tell that EAC's REFERENCE offset is wrong and should be corrected with -30.. so the offsets displayed in the accuraterip database (http://accuraterip.com/driveoffsets.htm) or the one that is detected by EAC should be corrected with -30.

This applies to ALL CD's and of course ALL drives..

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please don't worry about this number smile. there was a huge discussion goin on about this a year back. you can google "Andre IpseDixit". but in anyway it does not affect game cds. would it be -300 correction or +71, only this number would change, not actual data you read from cd because in the way described in guide you get exact offset for each cd on specific drive and then rip cd by that value. this correction is added/subtracted afterwards and is virtual. eg. if you have plextor (+30-30=0) and cd that is listed in db with offset -617 you would enter -617 in eac. would this be year back you would have +30 for plextor offset and cd offset in db would be -647 (EAC: +30-647=-617).