PSX lists were added to the wiki and I would like to see additional lists added as well so we can keep a tab on everything that remains to be dumped. … yet_dumped

Cool, it's great someone is actually working on the redump wiki. Keep up the great work!

I have a PC Engine list almost ready. I just have to check a few games and I'll post it on the wiki.

Cool indeed ^^ Finally the wiki is being put to use. Anyone willing to do a full IBM PC list? lol 

@r09: But weren't all our current PCE CD dumps "bad" anyway? I believe there was some dispute about the gaps... Was that ever resolved?

I think there were some discussions about the gaps of the data tracks, yeah, but even if the images need to be fixed it's just a 1-sector shift that wouldn't need any radical changes. And we need to dump the remaining games anyway, so...

you are welcome to take care on the psx stuff

SLUS-01154    King of Fighters - Evolution
shouldnt be in the unreleased ones, it was just a typo/mistake  by sony back then, the game is released and has the name King of Fighter`s 99

i continue taking care of the wiki in the sections ps2 and dumping tools + useful links

could use help with the dumping guides.

we have no pc missing list of course amarok and its more or less a shame that i was needed to bring some use to the wiki. that should have been the duty of redump staffler`s.

whatever, important is only that the wiki has purposes now and is getting useful

I've got UK PAL lists of Saturn, Mega CD and Dreamcast games on my site, under the game database section. I was running with a little project to try and list all UK PAL games, but I ran out of patience. I don't know if these lists are any use to the guys running the wiki. You could always click a google ad on the site if it's useful  roll

thanks for the heads up ^^

we still need people which would mainting lists in the wiki for those systems tough, (i do ps2 and nothing else)

GBK can you stop revering my edit? theres no reason the lists should not be linked to the main page of the wiki, considering they are important and the only content up atm

They are already linked.On every site of the wiki.There is this "something" called a navigation box.  The list of missing games is not more important as the dumping guides, links to dumping tools and whatnot.

The purpose of the main page or introduction page is to give people a fast glimpse of what they can expect in the wiki.

greets, gbk

ok i see, some other people might have trouble noticing this. btw what is up with the lists of dumped discs? isnt that what the database is for?

yup, but via the lists in the wiki we have the possibility of having them in the no intro naming convention already, its not a lot but it helps people when they have a game dumped, dont use cmprlmame and want to tag the image of their game like that

it also lets us seperate games from demos, applications  means with those lists we know exactly how many demos or games are dumped.



the sonyindex is great, fur ps2 games it seems only those made before 2005 are in it tough.

I added the CD32 section. It's not complete yet, but it serves it's purpose. Hopefully some other members have any of these games so I don't have to buy so much on Ebay  big_smile … _%26_demos

The CD32 is on my list of consoles to buy. I might be able to pick one up at the end of October, so I may join you in purchasing games for it then smile

If you are still need to buy one, I suggest you get this puppy: … 5d2ab28e06

You have a CD32 that can act like an A1200. Check the review here: Together with Kyroflux your ultimate redumping machine.


The CD32 is probably the most versatile console ever. I have an SX-1 expansion module and that thing is awesome, it pretty much transforms the console into a full, expandable A1200 with a built-in CD-ROM drive. The only thing it's missing is the PCMCIA slot.