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Dumpers, anyone have these two games?

PSX - MLB 2000 (U) [SCUS-94359].
PS2 - Colosseum: Road to Freedom (U) [SLUS-21179].

If someone have it, please, dump it. I have early builds (preview builds for press) of these two games.

PSX - MLB 2000 (U) [SCUS-94359] <- Preview Build 1999.03.08.
PS2 - Colosseum: Road to Freedom (U) [SLUS-21179] <- Preview Build 2005.03.17.

I'll dump it after someone dump retail versions.

このソフトは かいはつちゅうです

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Finally this game was dumped. So, soon I'll dump my disc with Preview Build.

このソフトは かいはつちゅうです