Hey there,

I dumped an audio disc on two different drives.
There are 13 tracks on the disc. First 12 matched perfectly.
But the last track is different in the last sectors area.



Any ideas what's wrong?

Cut off data...
Probably, the second drive could not over-read the lead out of the disc.
This is a common problem while dumping audio discs.

Yeah it happened to me when I was dumping red alert soundtrack. Luckily I know my plex can overread and the LG can't (very well). So I redumped last track alone many times on the plex. you have to figure out which of your drives are best for this. do some more eac testing.

Isn't there a way to force the drive to read that stuff?
Like extracting those sectors using isobuster, or something like that?

yes, it could be that EAC doesn't overread with drive that is fully capable to do this
for instance it won't with Mediatek based Lite-Ons that i tried
you could extract sector range then with IsoBuster (include few sectors after LO)
and after correcting offset this file should match to one extracted with EAC but have more meaningful data
i.e. where ther's 0x00s at the end of EAC file, there still be some data in this one
like in image you provided