The Official No-Intro Convention (20071030) says that the language code for Norwegian should be 'No'.  Currently, the dats are using 'Nn'.

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I think redump uses language codes as per ISO 639-1. 'Nn' refers to Nynorsk, one of two concurrent written languages in Norway. I don't know whether games actually use Nynorsk or Bokmål, but in case it's really Nynorsk simply flagging them "No" would be less accurate.

Edit: Oh, I should've read the No-Intro convention first. Seems like they also follow ISO 639-1. Maybe a Norwegian member can clarify whether Nynorsk or Bokmål is being used in games, otherwise you're right and we'd probably have to switch to 'No'....

Thanks for the information amarok.

I read the wikipedia pages for Norwegian language.  It says Nynorsk ('Nn') is used by about 10-15% of population, Bokmål ('No') by the rest.

I then started LittleBigPlanet in Norwegian to see which language it uses.  With the help of an online translation dictionary ( ) , I found that the following text used in LittleBigPlanet is Bokmål ('No'):

Lar deg importere en sikkerhetskopi du har lagret under Lagret datatjeneste.

The translation in Nynorsk ('Nn') would be:

Lèt deg importere ein sikkerhetskopi du har lagra under Lagra datatjeneste.

It all points to the correct language code being 'No'.

Can the person in charge of the datfile generation code please fix this?