I was thinking that since dvd video discs and multimedia interactive discs have their own category one more wouldn't hurt. In fact it might even be better for organizing. Like Aftershock for Quake, or the D!Zones etc. Right now they are all in the Games category. But these are not game discs, they are tools and more levels and they are also sold seperately not part of a game package. So maybe they should be seperated or at least move them to Applications or Cover Discs.

There are 10 categories: Games, Demos, Video, Audio, Multimedia, Applications (those tools are applications, afterall), Coverdiscs (bundled with magazines), Educational, Bonus Discs (bonus CDDA discs should have the Audio category selected, bonus DVD - Video category, the rest are Bonus Discs), Betas. Why not to check the list before asking?

I did checked the list but except the toolkits which the rest are add-ons. So maybe an add-on category would make more sense.