I've come across a PC disc protected with LaserLok (v5, if that matters). What is the proper way to dump this? It contains corrupt sectors, as it seems. Should I read it with IsoBuster and replace the unreadable sectors with zeroes? Or is it better to use ddump, which I believe overwrites unreadable sectors with 55's?

I guess there is no way (and it won't make much sense) to recover the actual data inside the sectors, is there?

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I used ddump for my MDK2 dump and it seems to work well. If there's a way of getting the actual data of the sectors I've been unable to find it.

All right, I think IsoBuster would have worked just as fine for your dump. The CRCs wouldn't have matched, though, because ddump fills erroneous sectors with 55, IsoBuster with 00. So I wonder which of these methods is officially suggested; I don't want the database to be flooded with duplicate dumps just because of how different programs handle corrupt sectors differently.

ddump / 55

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Thanks, that's the kind of statement I was waiting for big_smile