Who changed it to v1.1 and why?

I see that the release date is Jun 04, 1998 and the exe date is newer than that, but other than that I can't find any info on different versions.

If you have something to change, at least mention it in the forums!

Ok so UG has a different image:

Size (bytes):   607117056 (OK)
Size (sectors): 258128 (OK)
EDC in Form 2 sectors: YES
ID: SLUS-00510
Date: 1998-05-11
System area: US EDC

But how can we know for sure that this is a retail release? Or that it's really an older release? Maybe it's the Greatest Hits version! A newer exe date doesn't always indicate a newer version (see for instance GTA2 Europe).


The original edition (top picture) has some files and folders that are older than the unknown image.. Also, the files on the original edition image are newer than the actual release date, so maybe it's just an error.. Either way, maybe it's best to remove the version tag until someone dumped the Greatest Hits version or found a different original edition.

I really think it's best to remove the version number until we find some more info on a possible v1.0.. all the covers that I found and all the ebay auctions that I found look exactly the same as the version that I have.. this means that the only likely other version is the Greatest Hits, but this would be v1.1 in case it were different.

I agree, there are no clues that the other image is no fake (except it  is a demo version)

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