Is there any way to get the DAT's for RomCenter


also i believe there are two different DAT's which can be used, a normal one and a no-intro one, can someone provide the links to get those


Hmmm thats a nice idea for a tool

quick concept alpha version

it should work on redump dats as far as I tested

let me know if output format is not valid or if you encounter any issues
and.. if you need another format send me a sample

oh thats great, i will give it a try and will update u,

if possible could u do one more thing, there is a normal DAT file and then there is a no-intro one. now

this is how a game name look in normal file

Actua Soccer (E) (v1.0) [SLES-00014]

and this is how it look in no-intro file

Actua Soccer (Europe) (En,Fr,Es,It,Nl,Sv,Da,Fi) (v1.0)

if u can make a little program which can combine them into one like this

Actua Soccer (Europe) (En,Fr,Es,It,Nl,Sv,Da,Fi) (v1.0) [SLES-00014] that would be nice. offcourse only if u have time to do so, thanks.

PS: only thing which will be left after that would be to some how add the Edition to the game name, but i am not sure if admins are planing to add that to the DAT file.

Once again thanks a lot for all of ur work.

no prob smile I decided to make ultimate tool pack for collectors and I will do it big_smile

Actua Soccer (Europe) (En,Fr,Es,It,Nl,Sv,Da,Fi) (v1.0) [SLES-00014]

well... when there will be a mirror of all dumps in vg-database that would be no problem for me to generate dat's with custom names
but right now I see two options , either someone will provide this updated no-intro dat
or.. Dremora would code generator for dat with list of languages
parser that would extract updated languages from redump html would work at least few minutes to get it done each time smile

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Actually what i was thinking is that user download 1 dat from here

then the second one from here

then load them both in a software, the software took the no-intro dat and then add the serial number to it from the other list, and create a new DAT. so no need for a HTML parser

offcourse for addition of Editions in game name we either need a HTML parser or someone to provide that info in DAT file, but that can be ignored at the moment

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daaamn! I didnt know redump provide no-intro dats

if thats the case, heres the tool

I wonder if anyone else would use that ?
for me this one seems completely useless roll

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I would like to use your tool, if not all the cue files would be wrong.. by the way outstanding site you have created cHrI8l3..

Lite-On SOHD-167T, NEC CDR-1901A, Plextor PX-712A, PX-716A, PX-760SA, Samsung TSSTCorp SH-D162D.
:: :: 2448 byte CD Preservation ::

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it is possible to code cue checksum converter... but it would consume at least twice as server resources as simple merger (its about 2-3 seconds to just merge playstation dats)
I'll consider adding this feature thou but not today smile

tools will anyway be restricted to upper classes of users as soon as server starts to overload
right now it's on shared hosting, but I think even dedicated would not be enough when there will be more users

ps. possible only while having constant pregaps and tracks 2+ as audio smile

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ok i give the DAT Merger a tried, and it worked great, couple of minor issues thou.

1) i registered a account on ur site, it send me an activation link, i click it, But the activation page kept saying "Invalid Activation ID", thou i was able to get the DAT file, so me be my account was activated, it just didn't redirected to correct page

2) the link it gave me to download was … 03-28-43)_[].dat

which have in its start, and it should not be there.

offcourse this make CUE file CRC invalid, as that value will change with the new name, i am thinking a good solution to this problem at the moment, the couple of solution that come to mind is not something i really liked. Hopefully some site admin will implement a way to get these new DAT from this site with Edition Info and correct CUE files.

Once again Thanks a lot for these utilities, i will sure use them.

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1. its because you used activation link more than one time, after first activation, key is being changed
2. ok, its fixed