The amount of dumps in the database has doubled in less than a year. Good job dumpers!

Yeah, good job indeed. I wonder what will happen when all PSX/PS2 games are dumped since most dumpers don't care that much about other systems. Impressive work anyway big_smile

I don't care about this question *HEHE* tongue

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amarok wrote:

Yeah, good job indeed. I wonder what will happen when all PSX/PS2 games are dumped since most dumpers don't care that much about other systems. Impressive work anyway big_smile

We'll start to dump subchannels smile

Geez, what do you guys eat??!


Wow I remember when I posted the news for 3000+ dump. This is truely a milestone for this little project. As far as the PSX/PS2 dump the only reason most people tend to care about them more is becuase they are easier to get a hold of and easier to dump. I can't wait until the day when we can finally say we truely have data on all disc based games (up to a certain generation of consoles that is). The only thing left to do now is to get all of our dumps out in the open to be spread by the public much like no-intro's dumps are.

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I totally agree Haldrie that we need to get these redumps some better distribution. We need more dumpers with access to usenet. I am willing to upload anything I redump to usenet. Usenet is 100% secure and you don't have to deal with slow speeds and stupid ratios like you do with torrents. Plus with torrents many isp's monitor your bandwidth and even cap it. If there are enough people willing to upload to usenet we could even charter our own group like a.b.c.i.g.redump or something like that where we could post our redumps to. I think usenet is the place to start if we want to get our redumps spread.

i agree with Havikoro.
And a own group woulb be very nice.

Yeah, the patches and such are nice if you already have a file from some other source, but sometimes (especially for PC games, as they can have a lot of wildly different variants) it's better to just get a verified image. I have full Usenet access too, so I can upload my dumps and make some NFOs so people know where all this comes from.

i'd wait until TAK implements RAW audio
and moves to no-intro naming convention
before uploading anything

no-intro naming? ... great.
I don't know you want to name all like no-intro.

I like that decision. IMO No-Intro is the most convenient naming convention, the only thing it misses is a [!] for verified dumps. I really hope redump considers adding that.
As for TAK raw file encoding, I've read that the author intends to implement it in one of the next versions, so it should merely be a matter of weeks until we can do that.

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For me personally it's way easier to upload dumps as I go and I don't see any reason to wait just for a naming convention as it's up to the end user how they want to tag their collection. When I upload to usenet I follow the no-intro naming out of habit but I also include [] in the header of my upload so people know where it's coming from and that it's a good dump. Besides people can always retag their collection later on down the road if no-intro starts maintaining a disc based dat.

The earlier we start posting dumps the faster these good dumps will spread and more people will take interest in collecting good dumps from For now I would say post to which ever group your dump belongs and tag your header with []. Here is a list of groups to post to...

PC -
PS2 -
Gamecube -
Wii -
Xbox -
Everything Sega - alt.binaries.emulators.sega
Everything Else - alt.binaries.emulators.misc

I do not have usenet access, but I can send them to anyone who wants to upload them there :-)

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I agree with Havikoro. Even if the naming convention changes, the dats are there for a reason. Anyone can download them and let CMP do its job.

And I'd like to add that, for PC games, the best group would probably be, as long as they are at least one year old.

Yea your right r09 a.b.o.g would be the proper place for PC redumps. I totally forgot about that group thanks.

Lets hope there's a current backup if it all goes tits-up again ;-)