Hi everybody,

If i have well understood, there is a way to extract .sbi from a .sub (of Clone CD extraction).

.sbi are files that only keeps the unusual information of subchannels.

I'd like to know if someone knows a way to create back a .sub file from a .sbi file (an utility that create back the standard information missing to have the .sub file).

The trick is that some emulators (pSX for example) or V Daemon doesn't support .sbi but can deal with .sub format.

It would be a way to use redump dumps on these emulators without having to wait that .sbi format is supported.

Thanks in advance!

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On another subject, i had dumped 2 PSX CD of a friend some time ago.

It's Star Wars - Episode I - Jedi Power Battles (F) [SLES-02608], Star Wars - Episode I - La Menace Fantôme (F) [SLES-02035].

These games are not in redump database.

All these games are 1 track, so, as it's not really complicated to dump these kind of game, it's unlikely that i've made mistakes. By the way, i've always double dumped these games with my 2 differents DVD drives to check that the CRC are the same. I dumped them with Clone CD.

The problem is that i no longer have these CDs (as my friend got them back and know lives thousands kms away) and i can't get more informations except my dumps.

As French release are quite rare, i can give you the CRC if you are interrested.

It's up to you.


feel free to submit the dump info for those discs in the Dumps forum smile

About your other question: Dremora would have to write a tool for this. We've asked him for a similar tool in the past, but it seems he has too little time. We also wanted to add .sub files to the database before but that also hasn't happened yet.

For now I think the only solution is to mount the redump image in daemon tools, rip the .sub using clonecd and then inject the libcrypt data manually using a hex editor.

ok thank's for your answers.

I think i can succeed to inject the libcrypt data manually for games that i really want to play wink

i will submit my dumps infos tomorrow.