As you may have noticed, the site hasn't been working for a few days. Unfortunately this is due to a HDD crash, which has happened on an Sunday evening. Currently we are moving to the new hosting (yes, no more downtime and slowdowns — thanks TeeCee & DaveH), but it will take some time to restore all the info (not everything was backed up properly). Thank you for your patience!

Update: forum is back!

Thanks for great work Dremora.

Thanks all of u guys

~ meow ~

really good work - uga uga !!!

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Thanks for all of ur hard work

Yeah.. thanks for all the long nights.. hope this won't happen again.

Nice!  Feels good to be back!  On with the show!

It's good that we are back.

Three years and still going strong.

We are back in business, hope there wasn't too much data lost.

Great news, finally! It's goon also the new server choise hoping the new one will not have long downtime.

I'll be back on "business" as soon as possible / when DB will be totally recovered ---> I received about 90 new games this week (PS2, PC, NGC and other, everything JPN).

My patch requests thread

Great news the site is back... I really like this project! It would be to sad that it disappears.