All the following questions are specifically in regards to the PSX system.

1. About regions
Originally I thought there was only 3 regions: USA & Canada, Japan, & Europe (NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J, & PAL)
But Redump lists many more regions, such as: Sweden & France.
How exactly does Redump define the word "region"?

2. About revisions & duplicates
This question is more to do with collecting,
To avoid duplicates when the game has a revision e.g. (Rev 1) the highest revision is chosen. Most people tend to agree with this.
But, some games have duplicates.
Like (PSX) Armored Core (USA) has an exact copy with the same file size except "Reprint" is in the Edition column. (Some are listed as "Alt" or "Rerelease")
I was thinking of choosing the most recent version, like with the revisions, choose the most recent revision!
But with Armored Core (USA) the reprint has the exact same EXE date as the original. (What is EXE date? I assume it's the date the CD was printed?)
I'm looking for advice on which one to choose when there are duplicates involved.

3. About sorting games
Is there a way to remove games with "Beta" & "Demo" from the list?

Thanks in advance

1. Region is defined as the place the game was sold/marketed for/available in, not the regional restrictions of a console (e.g. PSX). Some PSX PAL discs were only sold in specific regions (e.g. Sweden, France as you've said), and did not receive Europe-wide releases, so are listed on redump by the more specific region identifier. An example would be http://redump.org/disc/6858/ which is the European release but only had English language available. http://redump.org/disc/18697/ is the French release with only French language, so is labelled as France in redump. Another example: There are a few Korea-region PSX discs that run on NTSC-J consoles that were only sold in Korea: http://redump.org/discs/system/psx/region/K

2. EXE date is the file date for the executable file on the disc, not exactly the disc the CD was printed but it gives some indication. The PVD date is another indicator as to which disc is "newer". Where revisions are clear, redump labels them as you've mentioned. In the case of Armored Core (USA), the EXE date is identical and the Reprint's PVD date is not valid, it is not a clear revision. Reprint is labelled as "EDC: Yes" which is my guess as to the difference between the disc dumps, it is likely the actual game content is the same, however I am not 100% sure on this. So for these alt/rerelease/reprint versions, so it is up to you.

3. You can view a single category in redump with http://redump.org/discs/system/psx/category/Games or you can filter the redump PSX dat by category using your dat tool of choice.


Thanks for the comprehensive response Deterous.

About the problem of: which disc to choose for a collection if there are duplicates?

I think one easy way to decide is just to choose the original.
But, there are some cases where the duplicate has a different file size.
Such as PSX's Lost World, The - Jurassic Park here is the original edition: http://redump.org/disc/12320/ 696MB in size.
It has a Special Edition which has a different file size (698MB) http://redump.org/discs/system/psx/region/Am/letter/l/
Because of the different file size, it makes me think that if I do not choose the Special Edition I'll be missing out on something. The games might be different in some measurable way.

There's another solution; just get both editions. But, most people that I talk to don't like this. They just want one version of each game and no duplicates.

I'm still finding it hard to make this decision. I'd really love some input on how others have solved this problem.


I've been talking to people about this and have gained some ideas.
Everyone agrees when duplicates are concerned it's best to get the most recent version.
But, that leads to the question of: how to tell?

One way I believe you can tell is buy the serial numbers.
The higher the serial number the more recent the version.

Am I correct in this?
I'd love to get some input!

I believe your questions are probably better suited to external places and/or collecting groups.  There is no right or wrong about which discs to collect and it is very much preference based.

Redump catalogs all variations for preservation purposes -- what people desire for their own collections is completely a preference.