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Common Disc Info:
    Title: Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time
    Disc Number / Letter: 
    Disc Title: 
    System: Apple Macintosh
    Media Type: CD-ROM
    Category: Games
    Fully Matching ID: 67081
    Region: USA
    Disc Serial: CD-ROM 70146

    Ringcode Information:

Data Side Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): 137346-W1-5265-2 DISCTRONICS USA *70146*
Data Side Mastering SID Code: IFPI L792
Data Side Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped): 
Data Side Mould SID Code: 
Data Side Additional Mould: 
Label Side Mould SID Code: 

    Barcode: 6 07865 10032 8
    Error Count: 0

Version and Editions:
    Edition/Release: Original

    Primary Volume Descriptor (PVD): Disc has no PVD

Copy Protection:
    Copy Protection: None found
    SubIntention Data (SecuROM/LibCrypt): 

Tracks and Write Offsets:

<rom name="Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time (USA).bin" size="771063216" crc="b3fc1f15" md5="32b4a5c460f9e6f16d028c337d610f87" sha1="1395ac9429294551fac0b2b2db81452eef9058e0" />


CATALOG 0000000000000
FILE "Monty Python's Complete Waste of Time (USA).bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

    Write Offset: 0

Dumping Info:
    Dumping Program: Redumper v2024.01.08 build_311
    Date: 2024-02-25 17:05:22
    Manufacturer: PLEXTOR
    Model: CD-R PX-W5224A
    Firmware: 1.04 (04/10/06 17:00)
    Reported Disc Type: CD-ROM
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