Over at this board a guy dumped the game "Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat II" - http://www.abandonsocios.org/foro/index … ;pid=58821

edit: check last post, I dumped and verified this game.. the dump can be found at the above link (image is in 2448, use isobuster to extract it to 2352 format and it will match).

That would be freakin awesome big_smile

@MrX_Cuci, here's another cheap auction for II in case you're a collector or something, but I'm already getting it from marktplaats big_smile (to verify MrK's dump).. I guess you could save a lot on the shipping by telling him not to send the entire box.

http://cgi.ebay.nl/MORTAL-KOMBAT-2-pc-c … dZViewItem

I'm also still looking around for MK Trilogy for the PC but it's rare also (and there are multiple versions out there).

I could try, but I don't think he actually has the original CD. He just says that it is an original (official) release, and not a custom built CD with the floppy versions.

Please try anyway.. I have no idea where else this game could originate from (the file was also included in an UG torrent but I think they have it from that board as well).

r09, did you try to contact him? neutral could anyone else try perhaps?

I sent him an e-mail, but there's no response yet.

I was able to find this on ebay.co.uk for cheap, so it's dumped and verified now cool

And here's a scan of the CD: