I am a Retro enthusiast, with extensive experience in the field. I would like to request an account on your platform, as I am genuinely interested in collaborating and enriching the database with my knowledge and experience in this area.

I have been following your project for some time now and have noticed that the information provided is of high quality and very useful to the community. I feel motivated to contribute my part and enhance the existing information, as well as add new and relevant content.

I appreciate your consideration of my request in advance and hope to have the opportunity to join your community and collaborate with other users and team members to further improve the database.

Hello and thank you for your interest.  I'm sorry, but we are having some problems with gmail and also microsoft/outlook/hotmail e-mail addresses.  Can you please try a different e-mail?  If you need a free and easy one, we know that protonmail works: https://proton.me/

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks!