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I was told yesterday that Enker retired from being a moderator on Redump on April 11th. The reason was because he lost interest and was considering retiring for some time.

I was shocked about the news as it seemed like he was going to continue moderating, but he's been with Redump for 10 years now and I understand why he would've lost interest.

He deserves his retirement, as he spent an amazing amount of time and hard work moderating Redump, mostly moderating Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Enker was online every day, always adding discs and being pretty fast to do so.

I'm not a moderator of Redump, but I still appreciated his work on the site.

Enker, if you're reading this, thank you for all the work you've put into Redump.

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Thanks Enker for the enormous amount of time you've put in over the years. You've always added my submissions promptly, even when it was large quantities of verification dumps. That was a good motivation to keep dumping. Enjoy your well earned rest.