Game title(En): Psikyo Shooting Collection Vol. 3: Sol Divide & Dragon Blaze
Game title(Jp): 彩京シューティングコレクション Vol. 3 ソルディバイド & ドラゴンブレイズ
Game languages: Japan
Version: 1.03
Edition: Original
Media: CD
Barcode: 4 988611 205068
Serial number: TCPS 10104 (SLPM 62593)
Ring code info: IFPI L275 SLPM-62593
Mould SID code: IFPI 454D
EXE file date: 2005-02-12

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Can you please check on the ringcode what is the number after SLPM-62593? Should be something like SLPM-62593<tab>1. Thanks!