The version is: 1.0.1

The name should be "Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach" just like in the installer.

Name should be "StarCraft Shareware" just like in the cover and installer.

Contents fix. The box and disc erroneously claim it contains the plutonium pak. Instead it contains the full atomic edition.

The version is 1.00
contents: english manual

The data tracks match but the USA version has missing languages.

Should be mode2.

The version is 1.00
contents: english manual

Hi, I double checked and this one is really 1.08. Maybe you linked the wrong disc?

That's the one i'm talking about. My menu screen looks like this:
and I don't see a patch file anywhere. the readme doesn't mention version number.

BTW in the killaton disc what I meant was that you should replace Plutonium Pak with Atomic Edition. So it has both Duke Nukem 3D (1.3) and Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition (1.5).

Duke 3D fixed. I installed Diablo today from that dump and it really gave me 1.08. Maybe the patch is downloaded during install?

LOL i got it. I installed it from autorun.exe and installs version 1.0. From setup.exe installs v1.08. sorry for the trouble. WTF this thing smile