CRC match with:

Disc Serial: T-26110G
Ringcode Information:
    Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): T-26110GP-02223<TAB>A
    Mastering SID Code:
    Label-Side Mould SID Code:
    Data-Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 3Q01
    Additional Mould:
    Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped):
Sega ID:
Barcode: 4 948536 190238


Comments: ImageFight in one word, but in 2 words in the header: IMAGE FIGHT.
Do you remember Simulation RPG Tkool ? F1REB4LL told me that, for this game, the header has the correct name.
So, ImageFight from the logo/title screen or Image Fight from the header ? How is it written for the same game on other platforms ?

in the manual: X-MULTIPLY
on the spinecard: X-マルチプライ
title screen and logo: XMULTIPLY

Tkool wasn't chosen because of the header, Tkool was chosen because it is the correct word in that case -
I've said it should be as in the header, but it doesn't mean the header is always correct. - BlackDawn here, for example, - "Fanta Step" here (or maybe it's correct?), - "Himithu" (clealy a typo) and "Metamol", etc.

As for Image Fight - … _title.png - the ingame menu also refers to it as to Image Fight, but here it says Irem always named it "ImageFight" as a single word.

So it seems it could be written with or without space, as it is not 100% clear.

And for X-Multiply ? any source to confirm how to write it ? - wiki and logo say "XMultiply", but there's also a note on the bottom.