Is psxt001z still maintained ?

I found 2 PSX demo discs on which this great tool hangs:

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AFAIK, it's not mantained anymore. Personally, i don't use it anymore because DICUI can find the EXE date and the Libcrypt sectors automatically, and after all the dumping procedures, the program will add all the obtained data to the submissioninfo.txt file. When i was using the "old school" DIC dumping with batch files and command line, i've noticed too that psxt001z sometimes may fail to obtain the data from the disc, because the EXE file it's not in the place where the program is searching, usually the root of the disc. You may use this guide … andard_EXE if you still don't want to use DICUI to obtain manually the same data.

Ok thanks for the reply.
I will think of it for my next dumps.