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It has been years since I've used a plextor drive but I never remember them being this bad.  I picked up both a used PX-716SA and a brand new PX-712A.  The PX-716SA could not read any of my IBM game CDs or blank CD-R media I tried.  It can read DVDs ok.  The new PX-712A is better and can read the majority of the discs I've put in it but not very well.  Am I missing something here to getting the drives to work better?

I have an ASRock P55 Extreme which has SATA and PATA onboard with the latest drivers installed.  I'm using Windows 7.  I've ripped 4 discs and 3 of them match the Redump database.  The one that doesn't match is for Under a Killing Moon Disc 2 but I'm concerned that it might be a bad dump because the drive isn't able to read Disc 3 at all.  I've got a Samsung DVD drive that can read all of the discs just fine.

Let me know if you need any more details.

EDIT: I'm ripping IBM PC Compatible games and I'm on the latest firmware.