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Possible fixes and info to decide on proper naming.

Xbox 360 World doesn't say Volume or Vol on the disc or slipcase so I haven't written Volume in the title: http://redump.org/disc/19982/

Neither does PSM3 91, which is in the queue under "PSM3 91".

It seems "Xbox 360 World" should actually be "Xbox World 360". Apologies, there are some in the db and in the queue which have the words the wrong way round: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_World_360

PSM2 demos say Vol. on the disc, so submitted as "PSM2 Volume #".

PSM2 demo cases also say "PlayStation 2 Magazine" (not official magazine). Spine of demo cases says "PSM2 DVD".

PSWorld naming:
Spine of later demos say "PSW Vol #"
Label of later demos say "PSW Volume #"
Spine of earlier demos say "PSWorld DVD Vol. #"
Label of earlier demos say "PSWorld DVD Vol. #"
I'm inclined to just call them "PSWorld Volume #", and will submit them as such unless a different name is preferred.

PSWorld has been submitted as "PSWorld Volume #"

Forgot to put issue dates on PSWorld submissions (only have half of the dates, and as volume 14 is jan 2002 instead of xmas 2001,  dont know if any other xmas issues were not made):
vol 5: April 2001
vol 6: May 2001
vol 7: June 2001
vol 8: July 2001
vol 9: August 2001
vol 10: September 2001
vol 13: December 2001
vol 14: January 2002 (as vol 18 is May 2002)
vol 18: May 2002
vol 24: November 2002 (as vol 18 is May 2002)

I put "Mad Dog McRee" as an alternative title, but maybe it should be the disc name instead.

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