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It was my first day on redump.  I just wanted to take a moment to Thank all of the admins/moderators/dumpers and anyone else I left out.  I don't believe in today's world people hear thank you enough.  This is a fantastic community.  I even added my own contribution today with a little extra help from the folks over at #redump.  Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

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happy hollidays to you too  smile


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Yeah, happy holidays to everyone smile And a big thank you to all contributors - dumpers, admins, fellow mods, and especially those who have been working tirelessly on fixing stuff lately (languages, regions and other metadata). Your work is much appreciated!

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Thanks all around and happy holidays.

Three years and still going strong.

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Good holidays to everyone from me as well.

In this year we dumped over 7000 discs, completed the gamecube usa retail set and thanks to active members which also donated money we have to search and dump less than 100 american playstation games now.

Its a great success for us all.


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enjoy your holiday....
hi am new member in this forums....welcome to all other old member....
My weeks holiday in Britain was pretty good, It only rained twice.
The first time for three days, and the second time for four days.