vs. - maybe drewp dump version tag is incorrect? vs. - maybe watoudrinkin dump version tag is incorrect? vs. - 2 dumpers, but wouldn't be surprised if version is incorrect again. Also original edition may be wrong.

i just manged to get the other tony hawks pro skater 3 so i will compare em and check.

i will also snap some screenshots so we can finally check for sure  big_smile


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both are v1.00 so now im confused  hmm but after comparing them in a hex editor theres a diffrent date on both files

2001100213092700$00 -> THPS3

2001102511442200$00 -> THPS3A


Hmm, somehow it reminds me of revision stuff, probably they didn't change any game relevant data and that's why version number has not been changed (?)

I would say, check other alt. versions, and if they are similar to this, name them (Rev. X), in this case it would be (Rev. A)

PX-760A (+30), PX-W4824TA (+98), GSA-H42L (+667), GDR-8164B (+102), SH-D162D (+6), SOHD-167T (+12)