cIOS rev19 makes bad results and cIOS rev17 is confirmed working please update the guide to suggest cIOS rev17

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The guide was not updated yet nor with rev.19 neither with rev.17 as both are not confirmed to work properly at all, a pair of feedbacks cannot confirm anything. By the way your comment is the first one about bad results with rev19, probably you could be right but it seems nobody is really interested to check and leave feedbacks.

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Where do we post dumps / confirm?  We start a new topic?

I will use rev 19 with CFG USB Loader and Wii Backup Manager.  I have a d2pro installed.

GrEvilKin wrote:

Where do we post dumps / confirm?  We start a new topic?

I will use rev 19 with CFG USB Loader and Wii Backup Manager.  I have a d2pro installed.

Start a new topic in the "Dumps" forum. Read the "PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING" sticky first, and name your topic like other posts.

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Deleted - duplicate.

What can I use if SuperDump is incompatible with rev 19?  I tried Using CFG USB Loader but the dumps were bad, I asked the devs why and they said the last 256kb were scrubbed due to WBFS file format or something like that.

Any other software that really works?

Simply go back to rev 13b or 17 (about 17 I'm still waiting more confirmations that it always works) when you have to dump a disc.

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You can manually patch Superdump so it works on rev19. Just use a hex editor to change the bytes at 0x58328 from 2F656863 to 32000000 (dev/usb/ehc to /dev/usb2)

I've also just redumped some single and double disc GC games and single and dual layer wii games with rev19 and they all matched the DB. I think I used IOS 37 as the base, if that helps.

I'm using SuperDump 1.3 midified to use usb2 along with cIOSv19 with the default base.

Dumped 11 games, 10 were in the DB and all matched, the other one I'll add later.

I will update the guide with Specialt1212 icons and patched Superdump as soon as possible.

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Simply wanted to say I also use superdump 1.3 with cios 19. All games already in the database matched. The other ones are new ones smile

If any pro dumpers could test this and report. I would gladly help expand the database.

If any pro dumpers could test this and report. I would gladly help expand the database.

MrX_Cuci wrote:

If any pro dumpers could test this and report. I would gladly help expand the database.

I tested it yesterday but I cannot report anything because I'm not able to dump in chunks (a bug?), I've set it to 3gb and it continued dumping anyway until it stopped with an error because card is full (4gb, moreover it's fat32 formatted so how can it accept it, another bug?). I can say that maybe it's a bit faster than superdump.
I will try again as soon as I have some time.

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Just tested it with 2 GC games and 1 Wii game and all matched DB:
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 1.00
Super Smash Bros. Melee 1.02
Wii Sports 1.01

Change log (v1.0.1):

- Added experimental BCA dumping (Wii disc only)
- Added MD5 sum saving
- Fixed Speed/ETA calculation
- Fixed file split issues
- Fixed SD/USB re-init issues
- Hopefully random code dumps with Wiimote are gone

Change log (v1.0.2):

- Added in-program verification (see FAQ section)
- Added auto file splitting (i.e. ripping a Wii disc to a large FAT32 hdd)
- Fixed BCA dumping (GC & Wii disc)
- Fixed Multi-Disc rip file names
- Fixed crashes on disc init

There's a bug with verification after the first disc you check. The author will be fixing it shortly.

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The best thing with CleanRip, apart from being faster than SuperDump, is that it doesn't use cIOS, but IOS58 + AHBPROT (the same as the Homebrew Channel itself). This allows for it to work in the exact same way for everyone, compared to the other dumpers that behave differently depending on the cIOS being used.

I sent a feature request today requesting for on the fly creation of reports for each image with calculation of CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, and DOL MD5, which would greatly simplify (well, at least speed up) report creation for new games. Let's see what the author thinks about that ...

Whatsnew in 1.0.3:
* Added SHA-1 and CRC32 calculation (all saved to disk)
* Fixed verification on second and subsequent files
* Compiled with the latest libFAT & libOGC

Example of dump information provided as of 1.0.3:
--File Generated by CleanRip v1.0.3--

Filename: GHSP69
MD5: 2E0DF737435BEB701C77672D7E80E113
SHA-1: 92C7119517CD53C75A7C13F302951B53810E2C2C
CRC32: 97D0FBB3
Version: 1.00


Whatsnew in 1.0.4:
* Added DAT file downloading
* Added more info to the dumpinfo.txt
* Fixed rip completion time not showing up
* Fixed NTFS issues (failed to create file/etc)

I started writing this, then I lost interest because of how easy CleanRip is to use. Feel free to take this and use it.

Getting Started

Your first steps will be hacking your Wii. See the "tools" section for information on how to do so.

Start CleanRip. Read the disclaimer and press A. If you do not have IOS58 installed, CR will warn you. If you plan on dumping to USB, install IOS58. If you will dump to SD, performance will not be effected. (You will be bugged to install every time you start the app without IOS58, so it may be a good idea anyway.) Select your dumping medium. Press A when your dumping device is inserted into the Wii. Press A to download the newest DAT from (Internet connection required). Press A when your disc to be dumped is in the Wii.

Wii discs
Dual layer: No*
Chunk size: [Largest size that will fit on your SD card]**
New device per chunk: Yes.***

*99% of the time. Check online to see if your game is larger than 4.3 GB.
**Max only works on NTFS formatted devices.
***Only use [no] if your device can hold a full game dump (1.3 GB for GC, 4.3 GB for Wii).

Faq will be updated soon, sorry for delay.

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