Edition should be changed to rerelease, file date is in 2013

Common Disc Info:
    Title: Monkey Island: Special Edition Collection
    Foreign Title (Non-latin): (OPTIONAL)
    Disc Number / Letter: (OPTIONAL)
    Disc Title: (OPTIONAL)
    System: IBM PC compatible
    Media Type: DVD-ROM-5
    Category: Games
    Region: Germany
    Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
    Disc Serial: 021563, MI-PC-LBL-EFIGS-1L

    Ringcode Information:

Data Side Mastering Code (laser branded/etched): arvato    55705175/QA-6445 CC 21
Data Side Mastering SID Code: IFPI LP73
Data Side Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped): (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)
Data Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 07J2
Data Side Additional Mould: (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)
Label Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 07G7

    Barcode: 8 717418 415242

[T:VOL] Monkey Island™

    Contents: (OPTIONAL)

Version and Editions:
    Version: (REQUIRED, IF EXISTS)
    Edition/Release: Rerelease

    Primary Volume Descriptor (PVD): 

Copy Protection:
    Copy Protection:

Region: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Copyright Protection System Type: No
SecuROM 8.03.0012

Size & Checksum:
    Size: 3270082560
    CRC32: 9260403b
    MD5: 1ca57647c853fb7ee7e807ecfc92143a
    SHA1: ef75f930e4a1e223156a67e11031ff660f5a90f6

Dumping Info:
    Dumping Program: DiscImageCreator 20230606
    Date: 2023-12-08 05:05:47
    Manufacturer: ASUS
    Model: BC-12D2HT
    Firmware: 3.00
    Reported Disc Type: DVD-ROM
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