I'm sorry, but those tests won't help us much.. all these systems can be dumped with other software.. the only real obstacle are gamecube and wii discs, and speed won't be nearly as good then.

I see then, how can I test gamecube on my drive.

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Dunno, you can try hotswapping a gamecube/wii disc with the samsung and see how fast it goes  wink

thanks tossEAC, i'll add this information to next version
it's good to know streaming is working with Samsung

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What command would I need to dump a Tages DVD game? I tried ISObuster but I only get the option Extract only useable data. (which is not the option I useally use for CD dumping) I have an LG burner and a Samsung drive (for my xbox dumps)

Themabus, can you add some IsProcessorFeaturePresent stuff, cuz I use a PIII for my dump box with the Lite-On in it, and your using P4 and up SSE2 optimizations which just crash the program with 0xc000001d illegal instruction exception. tongue

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I know this post is getting a little old, but where can I fid the source for friidump-0.5.3?  I would like to compile so I can experiment with my linux box


per popular demand added link to source code in corresponding post