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His doesn't match my pspfiler dump, which I dumped twice. I dumped with UMD DAX Dumper and that dump matches his, so this must be one of the games that UMD DAX Dumper can't dump the last part of it.  asapy I see you have a copy of his dump can you check them. If it is correct and I believe it will should we delete his dump and add him as another dumper to mine? Does Organic still come here so he can redump it with pspfiler?

EDIT: To  help this get remedied I am including a patch from his image to mine so someone can check it out.


Also for anyone that has is image and wants to convert to my image.

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Thanks for posting your patch pepsidrinker and your dump is the proper good dump. The dump in the database is bad and matches the psyPSP scene release with the last sector of the last file soe_logo.pmf has no data where as your proper dump has data in the last sector of soe_logo.pmf. PSPfiler has proven it's self time and time again as being the tool to use to properly dump PSP and it should be included in the redump.org PSP Dumping Guide. DAXdumper is outdated and should be replaced with PSPfiler. I'll pass this information along to asapy so he can update the db and I will add your dump to the Dat-o-Matic.

Thanks Havikoro for checking that out. You're welcome for the patch. Yeah, I'll let asapy update the db as I'm not sure how they want to handle it. I see no problem adding him as a dumper to my dump as it would be the same if he dumped it with PSPfiler I would think but he didn't actually dump it so it's conflicting.

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Sorry for late reply.
yes, as havikoro says, yours is the good dump.
i fixed the db like GTA:VCS (U) : http://redump.org/disc/850/

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Thanks for fixing it.

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