I have some CD-i demo disks like:
Free Gold Club Disk (ring: EOD FRS 1094 02)
Digital Video Free demo disk (ring: CDI WORLD 1 10258231 01 MADE IN U.K. BY PDO)
of which at least one is still missing according to your site lists
and some more I could redump too:
Amsterdam Auto RAI De officiële interactieve beurscatalogus 1995 (2/02 - 12/2)(ring 1:LPPI L003, ring 2: EXPLAINER  50454852 01 >, ring 3:IPPI 0165, ring 4: MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC)
Philips 100 a century of enterprise 1891 1991 (riong 1: 2018.002 50227 736 02 +, ring 2: MADE IN GERMANY)
and quite a few more, maybe already on the list, like Uncvover Featuring Tatjans, The Joy of Sex, several music Video CDs

I kindly request an account to upload some dumps, if interested. I will be making dumps of all my CD-i´s in any case.




Further to my request, I have made some test redumps to see if my equipment works as supposed to be.

An example redump I have done is the CD-i disc Alles over CD-i cat.nr. 814 0083. The result is that all the hashes (size, crc, md5 and sha1 for the .bin file) are exactly the same as posted on this site, as is all the other information. I have redumped with a Plextor PX755A, which DICUI reported to exhibit zero errors for this particular redump. Maybe this will help in allowing me an account. I could do more tests if required.

Hi Deev Eedeez! Thanks for swinging by. I've been making progress on our CDi lists, but they're still not yet complete... so I'd say dump em all!

A redump Mod should reply to you soonish with an account registration. Glad to have another CDi guy on the team.

Welcome, obtain your password here.

(check the spam folder in case there will be no message in your inbox)

Please make sure you read and understand the dumping process and the way you have to submit the dumping logs before posting your dump info.

Feel free to ask question on the forum, or via Discord about how to get started preserving games with Redump: