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I forced my friend to spot everything he could, I'll try to make him check what else is missing. But I'm sure he really looked closely to the ringcodes around.

Shanghai: Banri no Choujou


Mastering SID Code    IFPI L441

Mould SID Code IFPI 7504

Super Real Mahjong P.V FX


Mould SID Code    IFPI 9901

Tokimeki Card Paradise: Koi no Royal Straight Flush


Mould SID Code    IFPI 9902

Kishin Douji Zenki FX: Vajra Fight


Mould SID Code  IFPI 9904

Only the IFPIs? No proper main ringcode for Shanghai: Banri no Choujou? And I've hoped for a confirmation for other 3 main ringcode parts.