I'm interested in trying to be a contributor :)

I have various game systems and games as well as I am working on learning web development and would potentially be able to offer some help in that area in the future!

I have referenced Redump for a while but if I could contribute meaningfully I would like to.

Thanks in advance,

Ryan :)


Note: paste the contents of the WUDump <GAMEID>-dumpinfo.txt here.

**No dumpinfo.txt file was created during the dumping process, to my knowledge. If there is something I can do to create one, I would appreciate advisement. Thank you.**

Game Information: Wii U Retail Disc

Game Title: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Region: USA
Languages: English (Support for other languages through updates)
Language Select: Language select screen at startup
Disc Serial: WUP-P-ALZE-USA-0
Edition: Original
Case Barcode: 0  45496 90415  9
Case Serial: WUP P ALZE USZ  103423A
Size: 25.025.314.816

Ring Information:

*Note: not really sure about the placement of the information throughout this section. No discernable information is located on the front of the disc besides "Made in Japan" in the plastic inner ring and the printed identifying information listed above as "disc serial"
Mastering Code (back): 517A0502
Mastering SID Code (back): WUP-P-ALZE-00 JPN S0
Mould SID Code (back): IFPI LL39
Additional Mould Text (back): N/A
Toolstamp (back): backward F3?? (I can provide an image of this if needed haha)
Mould SID Code (front): N/A
Additional Mould Text (front): Made in Japan

Game Key: Attached

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