I got the Redump collection of TurboGrafx CD / PC Engine CD games and Akumajou Dracula X - Chi no Rondo has an FABT and FACT. I own the game and mine is FADT, so I thought you might was me to upload it.

Hi! Have you tried to dump it? Is it any different?


I am totally new to this scene, I'm not sure the best way to dump it or how to check to see if anything is different or not. I was hoping for some advice before I dove in too deep.

PCE discs are tricky, you either need to find one of the recommended Plextor drives or to try to bother with swapping with audio CDs (when you insert some audio CD, stop the drive's motor, open the tray mechanically without touching the Eject button/OS Eject command, replace the disc with PCE one, close it mechanically and try to read the game like audio disc).

So, will you try to dump it?