Hi! I requested and received an account in 2018.

Then, I submitted a dump to "New Dumps". Here: http://forum.redump.org/topic/19439/ibm … l-edition/

Since the instructions say:

New dumpers need to sign up on the forum here, then after account approval need to submit disc info here. After receiving "Dumper" status, future submissions should go through New Disc form

So I assumed that I just needed to wait, and eventually would get the "Dumper" status, and then I would be able to actually submit dumps to the database. But since I haven't received it yet, maybe there is something else I need to do?

I recently bought a Plextor PX-716A drive, so I would like to contribute more.

(by the way, what should happen to the submissions on "New Dumps"? Once a member gets Dumper status, he should re-submit it to the actual database? Or an admin will submit it instead?)