This is something that I should have asked long long ago, but, at least, I'm finally doing it. For years you have been indicating that Spanish is just the same for every game, but it's not.

Redump has always been a platform to make sure you could know which languages were added to the NTSC versions, so, if you wanted to use this version instead of the PAL one if the first one had spanish inside, the database could deliver the necesary info.

Latin American spanish is a variety of the original spanish, Castilian, with its own voice tone and words. The differences may not be spotted easily by non spanish speakers, but for us, is just really difficult to not be able to recognise each other.

Years ago this wasn't really a problem as most games shared the same translations, but in time this changed. Let me put an actual example of this problem:

Dark Souls trilogy was released in Europe with an ugly as f* artwork and a box card with 3 cases for each game. I wanted to buy the USA one, as it comes in the steelbook edition, that is gorgeous.

Problem: The dubbing and texts are Latinamerican spanish. The differences can be too sutle, but the differences are important enough to start making a difference.

This is probably the case of Brazilian and Portuguese, but i can't speak on that case. What I can't say is that in time, for modern platforms, lot of again have received different translations and dubbings to accomodate the Latin America spanish countries/speakers, and it's time to add the flag, and push some fixes.

+1 from me. I meant to request adding Brazilian Portuguese as a language after dumping a game last week which had it. The USA PC version of Driv3 lists Portuguese (Brazilian) in the installer and the in game options (options menu and a mandatory language selection before the title screen) just flat out have the option as "Brazilian".

Since most of the things here revolve around accuracy it makes sense to me to make the distinction. I don't speak any flavor of Portuguese but I'm sure Brazilian speakers would appreciate knowing if the game language is their native tongue or not.

Same for French and Canadian French. I don't if this is already added to the site or if some US games have Canadian French language which could be different to their European releases with French.
Something to check.

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Spanish from Spain is different from Latin American Spanish; would be nice to be able to differentiate which one is used in each game.

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British English, US Southern English, US Urban English, US Midwestern English, US West Coast English, Indian English

Lets add them all please: … of_English


There's a never-ending way to slice this once you start going that route.

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Thanks all of you for supporting this one, I'm glad to see more people interested in having this added!

What about Engrish? Lots of games use Engrish.

Anyway, the main target of my post points out an important difference between Spanish and Latin Spanish, so i hope this gets added as new Language.

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That would be an exception then. You either roll out a change or you don't. If the two dialects are mutually intelligible there's no need for a change.

It would make more sense to do database level dialect clarifications. Spanish: Mexican Dialect, Spanish: Cuban Dialect - not affecting dat names.

But this would require tremendous research that no one will do, therefore it's not a workable idea.

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I brought up something similar over a year ago... but for a Latin America region flag