Are we not datting videos because they're movies? I have a video about PSP UMD manufacturing, which feels like it should fall within redump's scope being its a disc about the process of making media (rather than being a hollywood movie). You decide dear mods!

Title: 7 At One Stroke
Region: Europe
Category: Video

Outer Mastering Code: Sony DADC A0100604902-A511    17
Outer Mastering Toolstamp: A1
Outer Mastering SID: IFPI L557

Inner Mastering Code: Sony DADC A0600666666-B511  22
Inner Mastering Toolstamp: A11
Inner Mastering SID: IFPI L557
Mould SID: N/A

UMD cartridge has a game icon on it, despite having no game partition.

size: 29589504
crc32: 11974e14
md5: dd576a78c65a5eb0e71c286860468746
sha1: ce812ce0863d37291f955a565e136edba1688e49