Hello guys.

I apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but I was looking for a very rare and particular demo.
It's about a taikenban of ACECOMBAT04  (エースコンバット04 Shattered skies "体験版").

Only 30 copies as been released from Namco on 2000 of this demo. It's rare to find and to buy.
I'm really huge fan of AC saga (electrosphere is my favorite - I'm starting to translate this on Italian) and I REALLY want this demo.

Here's a video :
(The main and noticeable difference is the OST "Comona")


So, where can I get this demo?
Has anyone made a dump?

Thank you, and, forgive my horrible english.

http://redump.org/disc/61700/ but we don't share any images here, only the hashes for other disc owners, so they could know, whether they've dumped their disc properly or not. I'm afraid you should look for the images elsewhere.